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Flour Bond

Flour Bond® wood pellet additives
Better pellets, lower costs

The addition of Flour Bond® creates a higher bond strength between the wood particles during the production process of the pellets. The proportion of fines is reduced and does not need to be re-fed to the press. Thus, the throughput can be increased with constant power consumption or the power consumption drops at a constant throughput. Under these conditions, hardness and stability of the pellets and thus the quality improve significantly.

Durability of pellets – reduction of fines

Due to the high mechanical loads during transport and use, abrasion and fines are one of the biggest problems in the use of wood pellets. Therefore, uniform standards and quality certificates (DINplus and ENplus) have been developed and introduced, which also determine the maximum proportion specify fines and abrasion and the mechanical strength. For industrial use, physical durability is an important requirement. When using Flour Bond, the proportion of fines and abrasion can be significantly reduced (more than 50%), as many internal and external tests show.

Test results with Flour Bond®

Abrasion pellets after sieving fines & Fines directly after press

Flour Bond® improves the pellet hardness by up to 15%. The optimal dosage of Flour Bond is between 0.5 and 2.0%. A higher addition has no further effects on the hardness of the pellets.

Ash melting behavior

Depending on the type of wood used, the use of Flour Bond® will change the calcium-potassium ratio. This has demonstrably no negative influence on the ash melting temperature and thus on slagging in the heating system. The product Flour Bond®-O also has a very low ash content.

ENplus and DIN requirements

Flour Bond® products are natural additives derived from cereal flour from agriculture and meet all the requirements of the quality certificate ENplus.

Why use Flour Bond®?

  • Highest binding properties
  • Harder pellets
  • Longer shelf life of wood pellets
  • Less abrasion, less dust
  • Higher production yield
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Can be used in industrial pellets
  • Completely replaces binders such as starch or rye flour
  • Reduces the wear of the dies
  • Allows the use of different types of sawdust

Flour Bond is a unicorn-developed pressing aid used in the production of wood pellets. Depending on the manufacturing process, it can be added to the sawdust in a dosage between 0.5 and 2%. The addition of Flour Bond enhances binding between the wood particles, increases yield and pellet quality, and significantly reduces manufacturing costs. These advantages are confirmed by practical tests.

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